No B.S. Home Selling May 6, 2020

Home Inspection Before Listing For Sale

The benefits of a home inspection before listing your home for sale are plenty.

Talk to any seller about the renegotiations after the contract is signed. It drives most sellers crazy. I get it, but is it the buyer’s fault?

Every seller gets annoyed, but could they have eliminated the problems before they ever listed their home? In most cases, it is the seller’s fault for not preparing.

Sometimes we walk into unnecessary objections we could have easily avoided if we would’ve done a little extra work up front. Depending on the age of your home or the lack of maintenance, doing a home inspection before you list may save you in many ways.

When your home is repaired correctly before listing, buyers have a whole new attitude when touring your home. Buyers won’t think your house for sale will nickel and dime them. As they walk around, buyers are not looking at all the repairs they will have to make, and they are envisioning themselves living in your home.

When they go to make an offer on your home, they will be rushing to get your home off the market before another buyer takes it from them. As a seller with a right-priced quality home, you put your self in a position of strength, and potential buyers fear missing out on another great listing.

Once the lucky buyer does their home inspection, your pre-work has created less room for the buyer to renegotiate your agreed upon contract price.

For newer homes, I don’t feel doing a home inspection before you list your home for sale is necessary as I do for a house built in the 1990s or later.

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If you have an older home, I highly recommend doing a home inspection before listing.